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Invest with confidence. Earn a guaranteed cumulative rate of 9.00%, with a maximum return potential of 20% with Alterna’s 5 Year Global Diversified Guaranteed Return MarketTracer Term Deposit! Your principal is 100% guaranteed and you can benefit from the potentially higher returns a market investment can provide.

So, whether you are saving up for a project, a trip abroad, a big day or something special, consider investing your savings in the 5 Year Global Diversified Guaranteed Return MarketTracer Term Deposit and earn up to a maximum cumulative return of 20%* .

*9.00% refers to the minimum cumulative return of the 5 year term (1.80% guaranteed annual return). 20.00% refers to the maximum cumulative return possible on the 5 year term. Minimum investment $500. Rate subject to change without notice. Speak to an advisor in branch for details.

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 5 Year Global Diversified  Guaranteed Return MarketTracer Term Deposit

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Invest & Earn Up To

9% Guaranteed Cumulative Returns

Maximum Cumulative Return

Alterna’s MarketTracer Term Deposit performance is linked to a specific market index or group of stocks and offer:

Higher potential returns

100% guaranteed principal

No fees or commissions

Start with a deposit as low as $500

RRSP & TFSA eligible

Investment insured by DICO